Talesmith, where it all began

It's still hard to believe that a simple gift idea for two of our friends has turned into a real life business. Just over 18 months ago the idea of Talesmith did not even exist and now here we are!

My co-founder and I met back in 2013 when we were both working for a creative marketing agency, him as a designer and me as part of the client services team. 

After bidding farewell to agency life and taking a two month adventure around Europe, we returned home and began thinking about the next step in our careers. We wanted to do something that utilised our skills in a totally different way and gave us the freedom to be our own bosses.

We both believe being able to do something we love every day and having the freedom to constantly try new things and drive our own destiny is work utopia for us!

The thing is, when you sit and try to force an idea, you often find the right idea doesn't come. So, we continued on different career paths waiting for that 'light bulb moment'.

Then organically, through a totally every day scenario of buying a gift, the idea of Talesmith was born.

Life is full of amazing moments and we believe in making the most of them. We want this to be at the core of what Talesmith is, what it does and what it creates.

Talesmith Journal will follow our journey from here on in. We hope you stay with us to see how the story unfolds...

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Written by Jamie, Talesmith Co-founder & Storyteller