The art of gift giving


Christmas, Birthdays, Babies & Weddings

so many occasions, so many gifts!


The art of gift giving can be more of a challenge than a joy. It should however be simple; think of something that person would love, find it, buy it, wrap it! So why is it so difficult?

Firstly there is so much choice in today's world of high street shops, independent boutiques and endless sea of online stores. Then there's deciding how much to spend, which is a delicate balance between what you want to spend and what is appropriate.

To address the first challenge, choose the route that works for you. If you have time to wander through your local high street - go for it! If not, head online.

If you are heading for the high street, make sure you check out all the independents as they are often your best bet for finding a hidden gem!

Shopping online? Use the power of Google to search for exactly what you are looking for e.g. "birthday present for him" or "engagement gifts". And don't forget to check out Social Media, Instagram can be a great source of gift inspiration by simply searching using relevant hashtags e.g. #weddinggift

To address the second challenge, don't think cost, think value. The value of a gift is the most important thing of all and this does not mean pounds and pence. Some of the presents that cost the least can often mean the most. As the age old saying goes, 'it's the thought that counts.'

Don't get hung up on where the gift is from or how much it cost, focus on the emotion. Will they love it? If so, it doesn't matter if it cost £5 or £500 - you have nailed the art of gift giving!