Oh how we love a gallery wall...

Nowadays, if you're searching for home interior inspiration you are bound to come across a gallery wall or two. With one of the interior trends of 2018 set to be dark, opulent colours, a gallery wall could add the perfect little lift to stand off a beautifully rich wall colour.

The beauty of a gallery wall is such a flexible piece of home decor not only in terms of style, but in terms of its creation. Fellow renovators will know that "I just want it finished" feeling all too well, but a gallery wall is probably one of the only things in your home that won't bug you if it isn't complete right away! Gallery walls can grow and evolve over time and part of the fun is building them up.

By their very nature, gallery walls are made up of several elements which means they can be tailored to suit any home style.

There are two main elements to consider, the frames and the images... 

Same frames, same sizes

When many of us think of a gallery wall, we imagine an eclectic mix of frames, all different shapes, sizes, and colours, but that style is not for everyone. A gallery wall can be just as stunning using the same frame and image styles throughout. Equal spacing between the frames creates a sleek, uniform look - perfect for all the Scandi minimalists out there!

Same frames, different sizes

If you are looking to create more movement and personality, but don't want to mix up the frame style, use the frame sizes and image styles to spice things up! Perfect for a family home where the mix of images represent the mix of ages, characters and tastes in the house.

Sleek frame style, adding playfulness and colur with varying sizes and image styles.

Photo courtesy of the lovely @nest_number_9

Different frames, different images

An eclectic gallery wall can be a fantastic project to exercise your creativity!

The styles you choose for your images and frames will depend on your home and interior design style. If you are going for a shabby chic finish to suit your country cottage, go for wooden frame styles mixing natural wood with some painted ones and play around with the frame thickness. If you are styling your Victorian town house, mix it up with simple frames and more traditional frames with intricate moulding detail to add a touch of elegance.

And who said gallery walls were just restricted to picture frames alone? Try mixing in other pieces of wall decor such as wall hangings, letters and signs. The mix of materials adds texture and depth making your gallery wall a real feature!

A stylish mix of frame and image styles broken up with bold letters to add new shapes and textures.

Photo courtesy of the fabulous @artynads

For gallery wall inspo, head to Instagram and search #gallerywall #gallerywallart #gallerywalldecor or head to Pinterest and search 'gallery wall'.

If you have some ideas in mind and want to commission your very own bespoke gallery wall, pop us an email, hello@talesmith.co.uk (couldn't avoid a cheeky little sales pitch now could I!)

Whatever route or style you choose, have fun creating it!

Jamie x